Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zak and Sara with an Orchestra

Back in early 2005, Ben Folds did a concert in Perth, backed by the Western Australia Symphony Orchestra. He played versions of his songs that had been arranged by Australian composers and it is probably the best live DVD I've ever seen. Case in point: Zak and Sara, the very first song performed:

This just illustrates how totally awesome Ben Folds is. For those of you that want more (the smart folk), you can buy the DVD here. Seriously, just twelve bucks. I've listened to it innumerable times and it never gets old. Track list:

Zak and Sara
Fred Jones Part 2
Steven's Last Night In Town
Annie Waits
Not the Same
The Ascent of Stan
Rock This Bitch
The Luckiest

So... yeah. Pretty awesome.

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