Friday, December 12, 2008

Song of the Week -- Week One -- Magic Hours by Explosions in the Sky

Alright, so I'm going to try and do a weekly 'feature' type thing, creatively entitled "Song of the Week." My plan is to expose you (the loyal reader) to a new song, and hopefully band, that you haven't heard of before. It's my goal to try and vary the genre, and I'll TRY and update regularly, but if I forget, let me know and I'll put a new one up.

For the first week, let's take a look at a band I'm guessing none of you (save Alex?) know of: Explosions In The Sky. They're widely considered a post-rock instrumental group with sweeping pieces. Live, they consist of three guitars and a drumset (though one guitarist often switches out for bass) and they tend to stick to that in all of their stuff. And, as a plus, it's entirely vocals-free :D

The song I'd like to share is called Magic Hours. It's an eight and a half minutes long masterpiece, a musical journey. It starts of with a guitar ostinatto that's repeated for the first minute, during which time bass, drums, and a second guitar enter. After, drums drop out, and... Well, I'm not going to describe the whole song to you. Just listen for yourself:
(NOTE! This link is posted for educational purposes only. If you like the song, buy it.)

This is probably my favorite EITS song, and one of my favorite post-rock songs. The second half, starting at about 3:23, they introduce the new ostinato figure that sticks with it for a long time and starts the four-minute crescendo till climax, which is beautifully done and is virtually unparalleled in modern music.

The use of distortion that starts at about 6:15 is absolutely brilliant and only adds to the... freneticness. Also, for those of you familiar with music theory, I love their use of suspended pitches..!

See you back in a week. If you like their stuff, GO BUY IT. If I catch any of you downloading it semi-legally, I'll punch you in the gut. Seriously.

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