Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hey Folks; Song of the Week #3! How to See the Sun Rise by Ben Sollee

Ok, so my first instinct is to apologize for not posting in a while. But no! I will not become one of those people, the kind that think they absolutely must post regularly because people actually read their blog, and if they don't post, said people will be up in arms. And I won't let myself become one of them. So no. I'm not sorry.

But on to the topic of discussion!

So I'm guessing a good amount of you know Ben Folds, but I'm guessing not many are familiar with Ben Sollee. In a sentance, Ben Sollee is to the cello what Ben Folds is to the piano. A sort of vag-rock, with bass, drums, voice, and cello.

Ben Sollee -- How to See the Sun Rise

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One thing that I love about Ben Sollee is that he doesn't push his instrument to the front. The cello is hardly noticable, just a very nice repetivie background figure, like drums or bass in most songs (including this one).

I don't really have a whole lot to say; I don't really consider this song a masterpiece due to its simplistic structure and overall lack of ingenuity, but it certainly makes for some nice listening.

(note: I was going to have Ghostland Observatory's 'Freeheart Lover' be song of the week, but I couldn't find it online. Still, I encourage you to go buy it, it's freakin' sweet).

PS: I'm going to try to put a quotation on every post from now one, just because I absolutely love quotations and there are so many good ones out there that few people know. So consider this also as an invitation: if you see a good quote, lemme know. Maybe post a comment. If I really like it, maybe I'll even show you one from my private stash.

"What Youth deemed crystal,
Age finds out was dew."
Robert Browning

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